It was on Maracas beach for an after-wedding lime in June of 2012, the day after my (other) best friend’s wedding (yes I have 2), during the consumption of our second roti and about the 3rd bottle of STAG that the two CEOs of LP:TS & Dwayne Watkins Photography (DWP) discussed the perfect first collaboration between our two companies. By this day, Dwayne had shot both my best friends’ weddings, one in Jamaica and the other right there in Trinidad, both of which I had the honour of serving as Best Man and Groomsman respectively. His work was nothing short of amazing. So much so he’s already been hired to shoot my own wedding… no matter when that happens (don’t ask).

We had mentioned the possibility of collaborating before, but as fate had it, DWP was booked to shoot a wedding in Port of Spain the same week as T&T Carnival 2013. Little did I know, that Dwayne and his team had NEVER experienced a Trinidad Carnival themselves… EVER… Who does that? So when he mentioned the opportunity to “lose his carnival virginity” with the LP:TS Family, he was clearly making a superb choice. Then and there the initial plans were made, and by the following week, a contract between us signed, sealed and delivered, and  planning launched into high gear on how we were going to collaborate and make sure he had a great time in the process.

Dwayne and second shooter, Steven on the road with LP:TS Carnival Tuesday 2013

Here’s what Dwayne had to say about his first experience with the LP:TS Family:

“2013 was our first year at Trinidad Carnival and we have to admit, we were a bit intimidated because we never thought we could handle so much partying in one week. But from the moment we landed, the excitement and nostalgia of the entire week just overwhelmed us. The excitement was abundant in the air! We travelled with some other friends from Jamaica and even the plane ride was filled with excited chatter and anticipation for the days ahead. Our bags were filled with cameras, lenses, sunblock, red bull, emergen-C and some other stuff we can’t mention.

Our first experience with LP:TS at the hotel pool party was a great way to meet everyone before the big road march. Seeing Ron in a bikini was definitely the highlight of the night! To be around so many people with such an incredible vibe was welcoming and made it that much easier to capture incredible images. Everyone was prepared to have fun so we all felt comfortable enjoying each and every new experience.

With LP:TS every detail is taken care of. There was no stone left unturned; which makes the daunting thought of going to another country at such a high energy time that much easier. We are counting down daily to the LP:TS experience in 2014 and can’t wait to capture the excitement that this year has to offer. We gon chip down di road and leh go with the crew all over again!”


I’ll let the work speak for itself when I say that DWP wowed all who were party to our very own personal & exclusive 2-man, paparazzi team for a total of 3 events. They were able to capture the very essence of our crew and the vibe of our environment, perfectly matched with the superior quality imagery they provided .

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So why in the world would we spoil a good thing?! The day we got back from Trinidad, LP:TS and DWP were locked in for Carnival 2014! With a crew three times the size of the one we had last year and with double the amount of event coverage in store, we can hardly wait to see what this continued partnership will bring this year.

T-19 and a little bit people! Look out for the LP:TS Crew and we BIG, STINK, truck on the road!

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